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  • Bedding Lining Non Woven
    Bedding Lining Non Woven
    The polypropylene spunbond non woven for bedding lining is a fabric-like material made from long fibres, bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment. The polypropylene spunbond non woven involves a continuous process, which convert

    Shandong Laifen Nonwoven Fabric Co.,Ltd [Verified]

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  • Quality Wool Noils
    Quality Wool Noils
    Among those famous quality wool noils manufacturers in China, Xincui Cashmere is one of the professional quality wool noils supplier, welcome to wholesale low price quality wool noils made in China in stock from our factory. Carpet grade wool noils Micron

    Qinghe Xincui Cashmere Co.,Ltd [Verified]

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